Yerico repairs various types of spindles. Spindles are completely disassembled and inspected upon incoming. All O-rings and bearings are replaced. Shafts, bearing races, snap rings, couplers, and other components are inspected for wear, and can be replaced when needed. All bellows are expanded, and vacuum cycle tested. New bellows and motors can be replaced when needed. All spindles are tested for positioning, He-leak tested, and cycled among other test.


Yerico refurbishes various types of magnetic/ferrofluidic seals. The seals are broken down, and all parts are thoroughly examined. Worn parts are measured and replaced new when needed. all fluids are then replaced. All seals are ultrasonic cleaned and assembled, leaked and cycled in a cleanroom environment to ensure operation.

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Yerico refurbishes numerous types of mechanical seals. All seals are broken down, and every part examined for excessive wear. Worn parts are replaced new. All O-rings are replaced. Seals are He Leak checked and cycle tested to ensure full functionality.

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